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"He is not here, but He has been resurrected! Remember how He spoke to you when He was in Galilee, saying, 'The Son of Man must be betrayed into the hands of sinful men, be crucified, and rise on the third day'?" Luke 24:6-7


send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping

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"this baby came out of you but im not 100% sure its yours"

Funny thing - a woman who applied for welfare after her husband left her hadto supply DNA evidence he was actually the father. The results: he was definitely the father, but she wasn’t the mother. Her children were removed from her custody and she was sued for fraud, even though she insisted they were her children. 

Turns out, she wasn’t a surrogate or a kidnapper (the two most obvious explanations) - she was a chimera. As an embryo, she fused at a very early stage with her twin, forming one individual. Her ovaries apparently developed from cells that had originally belonged to her vanished twin. Later on more tests showed that while the woman’s skin and hair DNA did not match her childrens, DNA taken from her cervix did. 


This went from stupid to really interesting in point 5 seconds.

I watched a show about this woman on Discovery or TLC. Even her own family started to question her and wonder where she got the kids. What saved her was that she was pregnant again. The court sent someone to be in the delivery room when the baby was born and to do a DNA test on the new baby. The test said the baby wasn’t hers, and that’s what led to her getting her kids back and to the discovery that she was a chimera.

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**Cheese Buns**

Inspired by sunfishdunesHunger Games + cheese porn. 


Show!Sandor:I’m not a thief, a man’s got to have a code.

*two episodes later* nevermind

Show!Jaime: If I was a woman i’d make them kill me before raping me.

*a few episodes later* nevermind

Game of Thrones writing,ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous: I find the commonalities between Peeta and Gale as fascinating as their differences. They're both caretakers, they both recognize how the manufactured class differences between Merchant and Seam are a form of Capitol misdirection (Gale lashes out anyway), etc. So, why do you think Peeta would have run away with Katniss in CF, while Gale was ready to sacrifice the safety of his loved ones in order to help his neighbors fight for a Panem in which they ALL could be free. 

The two scenes where Katniss asks Gale and Peeta to run away with her are great, so thanks for bringing them up for discussion. Let’s break them down one at a time.

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We manage the darkness as we did in the arena, wrapped in each other’s arms, guarding against dangers that can descend at any moment.



Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

Prim was the first everlark shipper